Friends of Catherine and Channel Lakes

Focused on improving water quality

in the lakes

Friends of Catherine and Channel Lakes’ mission is to maintain the sanctity of Lake Catherine and Channel Lakes, to continuously improve and maintain the lakes’ ecosystem, and to establish and implement value-enriched programs to enhance the overall quality of lake life.

Our goal is to return Lake Catherine and Channel Lake to pristine condition by eradicating invasive plant species, reducing pollution and increasing awareness about how to care for the lakes. We are doing this through the implementation of a detailed Lake Management Plan.

Please join the cause by getting involved. Many hands make light work.

About Us

Lake Catherine and Channel Lake are the northern most lakes on the Chain O’Lakes in Northern Illinois. These two interconnected lakes are part of the Fox River Watershed, serving as a vital drinking water supply for many communities in Illinois, providing habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals and supplying a beautiful place to enjoy lake life.

Over the past many years, these lakes have suffered from a lack of care. Storm water run-off and run-off from farmlands around the area have created a heightened level of phosphorus and other nutrients in the lake contributing to wide-spread algae blooms in the spring. In addition, invasive species of plants, including Eurasian Water Milfoil, have all but choked out many native species and affected vital fish habitat.

The Friends of Catherine and Channel Lakes aims to improve conditions in the lakes for the betterment of lake like – for humans, plants and animals.

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Harvesting Program

More information about the Harvesting Program.


The Illinois EPA is conducting a TMDL Study in the Upper Fox/Chain O’Lakes, including Lake Catherine and Channel Lake. TMDL is a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a waterbody can receive and still meet water quality standards and support designated uses.

Upper Fox River – Chain O’ Lakes Watershed Stage 3 TMDL can be found here.

The Fox Chain O’Lakes Summary report that was based on the 2014 water quality data can be found here. Lake Catherine and Channel Lake data is included.

Algae blooms can be harmful. For information on Blue-Green Algae and harmful algae blooms, click here.